Sponsor a wheelchair for a child in need!

We are once again collecting new and used pediatric rehabilitation equipment (such as wheelchairs, walkers and standing frames) to be sent to Peru in order to meet the urgent needs of children with disabilities and their families. We hope to send a full container of assistive technology (approximately 200 wheelchairs) to Cusco, Peru by August of this year, and we need your support to make that happen.

Just $250 covers the cost of one wheelchair, including cleaning, refurbishing, shipping, custom fitting the wheelchair to meet the unique needs of each child, training and support for family, and follow up visits for maintenance and repairs.

These wheelchairs are life changing for a children with disabilities and their families. Without a wheelchair, children with mobility impairments are usually stuck at home, unable to go to school, to play outside with others, or to take part in community activities. These kinds of barriers not only limit the child’s quality of life right now, but also restrict their possibilities for a better future. And, not having a wheelchair often impacts the livelihoods and income of the entire family, because one adult family member must stay home to care for a child who cannot go to school nor take part in other community activities. This can be particularly difficult and limiting for families living in poverty.

Join us in creating a world where all children can participate – because mobility matters!

DONATE NOW through our CanadaHelps campaign or write us at info@equipkids.org for more information.

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