Provision of assistive technology

Each year we provide new and/or refurbished mobility devices to children (in Peru) with limited independent mobility, so that they can better participate in their family and in the community. These wheelchairs (and other devices) make a world of difference in the life of a child with a physical disability. Prior to receiving a device, most children with physical disabilities in Peru spend their day in bed or in a chair at home. After receiving a custom-fitted wheelchair, however, these children are able to move around the home and participate more freely in family activities, they may go out for walks or to play with other children, and many children are able to attend school for the very first time.

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To date, we have provided over 1500 custom-fitted wheelchairs to children in Peru. Along with other local partner organizations, we also provide training and support for families who receive wheelchairs, as well as follow-up and wheelchair maintenance and adjustments. However, our ultimate goal is that quality, affordable pediatric wheelchairs be built in Peru, so that wheelchair provision may become more sustainable and locally-owned and operated.